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On Jason Wilson

Jason Wilson dreamed in conflict. A hockey player or musician? Jason passes the puck in a musician's league, has written for Canada's Encyclopedia of Hockey and is a hard-working musician. Born to a soccer playing/Navy man who escaped the coal mines of Scotland, and a bagpipe playing mother, Jason's parents settled in Toronto. The piano, guitar, drums, accordian, trombone and Jamaican musicians became Jason's friends from (Keele Street). A depression surfaced when his best friend died during high school and Jason decided to fade away and quit education. The "Drop out" years now his past,(Healing) Jason is a role model for today's youth. With a Master's degree in History (with Honors) from Guelph University, May, 2003, Jason was able to wrap World War I with the combat soldier/musician and the pages they wrote for history. Jonah, nominated in 2001 for a Juno, Dark Corners released in 1998, and a self-titled album featuring Jason singing a duet with Alanis Morissette (I Have Faith)
are all musical journeys of Jason's life. Icarus' Lament, Hate, Forgiveness and The Wicked Shall Weep are just a few of the visual titles that capture the mind's eye before reaching one's ear. 

Jason invites you to check his summer tour schedule and to listen to his music by accessing his website at www.jasonwilsonmusic.com and to watch for the release of Dread & Blue, Spring, 2004.
God Bless America!