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Saturday, July 19, 2003
9:23:14 AM

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Teenage songwriter welcomes Lynch home


PARKERSBURG - Two women who shared the same childhood dream. That dream to become a kindergarten teacher.

One woman's path took a detour through an Iraqi hospital. The other's dream got distracted by a love for writing and music.

Now, the two paths have met and Anna Horoschak sings a song welcoming ex-POW Jessica Lynch back home to Wirt County.

Horoschak wrote a song titled "Welcome Home Jessica" earlier this year after hearing of Jessica's capture and dramatic rescue. The song is the title cut of Horoschak's new album. The teenage singer from Connecticut is joined on the album by Jason Wilson and David Seering.

Horoschak will be a senior in high school this upcoming year. She studies an average of five hours a day, which helps her maintain a 4.1 grade point average and makes her an active member of National Honor Society at her high school in Stamford, Conn. She said she wrote the patriotic song as a symbolic tribute of all soldiers, welcoming each of them back home.

"I want to thank Jessica and each and every soldier in our military and their coalition for protecting our freedom so that every teenager may pursue his/her dream," she said this week on a tour of West Virginia cities.

The words of the song try to paint a picture of what the captured private faced.

"Roaming through the desert, every breath an effort. Out of ammunition, looking for a way out. Finding only chaos, lost from the coalition," writes and sings Horoschak.

Horoschak attempts to touch on what many American hearts were feeling during Jessica's capture.

"Folks praying for your rescue, never even met you. Angels on your shoulder, prisoners of war. We'll search on every shore, won't be left behind," she sings.

The song's chorus says hello and offers encouragement to Jessica.

"Welcome back Jessica to West Virginia, where the land is free. Welcome back Jessica to West Virginia, you'll fulfill your dreams."

Seering sings the second cut on the album titled, "He's My Brother." It is written for his brother, Michael Seering, who is still serving in Kuwait.

"He's my brother, he's your friend. He's a modern day warrior who will fight to the end," the song says. "So, when you're down on your knees and you're praying at night, remember our hero who has gone to fight."

Horoschak said the group is trying to get a label for the album, which has 11 additional patriotic songs.

She said she sees it as a healing album dedicated to others who have gone off to war or lost loved ones in the fight.

More information on the CD can be obtained by contacting Suzanne Buckley at Timberwolfe Records, 4 Berachah Ave., South Nyack, NY 10960-4202, phone 845-353-4001.


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